22 Haziran 2009 Pazartesi

Thank You Lee !!

i had no idea when i see this gift on my desk..at my room..

then i felt that it's a special thing for me..i have felt..

i read a word "special"..i thought it's from out of the country..


origin point is Belgium..

yes !!

in this life if you have done a good thing according to make it good life that you will get the reward of what you have done it before..indeed !! i believe in..

as you can see it's from Lee !!

Make History

i joined that contest..and here comes the a book made by the first 100 photos..

from inside of 9000 photos !!

i love this gift unexpected !!

that photo..will always makes me feel so damn and thoughtful..that's right !!

i mean this..

from Istanbul !!

Thank you all the guys !!
cheers !!

p.s i'm gonna try to be winner btw ofcourse..

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Adsız dedi ki...

Tebrik ederim!! (: ayrica takip ediyorum artik yaptiklarini! no worries!